KHG Chemical – a FiteBac® company



KHG Chemical, LLC, a FiteBac® affiliated specialty chemical company, is responsible for the development and commercialization of FiteBac® technology outside of healthcare.

FiteBac®, the marriage of antimicrobial technology and material science, allows for the manufacture of modern polymers and composite materials with sustained, non-leaching antimicrobial protection.

Additionally, improvements in the materials mechanical and physiochemical properties, including improvements in toughness, flexibility and carbon wetting properties are also achievable.

Executive Management Team

Kirk Kimmerling, DDS

Founder and Chief Architect

Practicing dentist for over 30 years. Inventor of FiteBac® antimicrobial technology. Achieved FDA clearance of K18 QAMS technology in dental appliances.

John W. Sharkey, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

30 years experience in pharma and medical device space with affiliations at Novartis, Ophthalmic International, Sciele, Shionogi and Aeterna Zentaris.

Allen Slocki

Chief Operating Officer

Chemical industry veteran with over 40 years experience in technical, sales and management positions.