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KHG Chemical’s Technology can improve and enhance the material properties of products in a wide range of industries and applications.

Advanced Data

By using tetraethyl ortho silicate (TEOS) as the anchoring unit for SiQAC and other organofunctional trialkoxysilanes (e.g. vinyl, epoxy, isocynate or methacryloxy functionalities) in a mix-and-match approach different end-functional macro monomers may be synthesized with permanent, non leaching microbiocidal activities that are independent of the loss of the surface layer, as the activity has been incorporated throughout the product.

Material Property Enhancements

Non-leaching antibacterial, antiviral antifungal

• Adhesive composition supports self-promoting adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
• Emulsifier allows previously non-miscible materials to coexist in synergistically react
• Plasticizer compatible in a variety of chemical systems
   — (acrylates, epoxies, polymers, elastomers, etc)
• Surface property modifier provides control surface energy properties.
• Facile modifications of surface hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity
   — (system dependent, user-defined).
• Enhanced wettability and bondability onto a wide variety of substrates: carbon fibers, glass fibers, etc
• Controlled enhancement a filler/binder.
• Promotes covalent bonding between wide variety of filler particles and surrounding networks
   — (organic or inorganic).
• Bonds to silica, kaolin, aluminum trihydrate, titanium dioxide, etc.
• Can be used to create its own controlled-sized in-situ filler
   — (silsesquioxanes and ormosiles)

Proven Capabilities

– As additive to thermoset/thermoplastic resins
– As additive to Elastomer-Rubber
– Increase polymer conversion
– Decrease polymerization shrinkage
– Increase toughness
– Impact modifier

– Increase hydrophobicity
– Provide antimicrobial (anti bacterial, antifungal, antiviral) surface
– Easily incorporated into resins master-batch, extruded/blown films or spray for coatings and nonwovens

Endless Possibilities

– Broad industrial and consumer product applications
– Product process systems unlimited
– Lessens environmental impact of many current products/systems
– Reduces environmental bisphenol A and phthalates
– Reduces usage of surface disinfectants
– Reduces process waste eluents to improve environmental conditions

– Biocompatible, Anti-Inflammatory
– Biopositive: MMP and Cathepsin Inhibitors
– Endless applications in the health-care field, resulting in saving millions of lives and billions in healthcare costs
– 510K Clearance on fiteBac QAMS and lead molecule K21 in New Drug Application 128706

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